The Secure and Privacy (SnP) lab at Michigan Technological University was established in early 2018. The mission of SnP lab is to promote research and education of cybersecurity. For research, we aim to tackle cutting-edge security and privacy problems, protecting safety and assets of people from malicious attacks. For education, we are enthusiastic about broadcasting cybersecurity knowledge among graduate and undergraduate students. We are also dedicated to promoting cybersecurity training among underrepresented groups and future cybersecurity professionals through various outreach efforts.
May 2020: Niusen Chen presented a poster "A Secure Plausibly Deniable System for Mobile Devices against Multi-snapshot Adversaries" in IEEE S&P '20. Wen Xie presented a poster "Incorporating Malware Detection into The Flash Translation Layer" in IEEE S&P '20.
April 2020: Dr. Chen has received a seed grant ($5K) from MTU Institute of Computing and Cybersystems (ICC). This grant willl help promote study of leveraging mobile devices to help mitigate COVID-19 spread.
September 2019: Dr. Chen has received a grant ($250K) from NSF SaTC core program which will support his project on building secure and practical deniable storage system for mobile devices. This is a collaborative project between Michigan Tech and Wayne State University.
August 2019: Wen Xie joined Michigan Technological University CS department as a PhD student. Wen received his MS and BS both from Wuhan University. Welcome, Wen!
August 2019: Niusen presented a poster "Secure Deletion in Flash Storage Media" in 2019 Flash Memory Summit, held in Santa Clara, California during August 6-8, 2019.
July 2019: Dr. Chen has received an NSF EAGER grant ($200K) which will support his project on leveraging flash memory hardware features to defend against OS-level malware in mobile devices.
July 2019: Our research work eHIFS was presented in the 14th ACM ASIA Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS '19). eHIFS is an efficient history independent file system which can ensure both secure deletion and order privacy of the stored data in the file system level.
July 2019: Dr. Chen delivered an invited talk "Towards Data Protection in Flash-based Solid State Storage" in the International Workshop on Cyber Security and Data Privacy, held in Hangzhou, China during July 6-7, 2019.
May 2019: Dr. Chen is the co-PIs for two NSA/NSF grants which aim to promote cyberseurity education and training among K-12 students and teachers in Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
April 2019: Dr. Chen received MTU ICC Achievement Award for his exceptional contributions to research and education in cybersecurity of mobile devices.
April 2019: SnP lab hosted the security track in 2019 MTU Workshop to Expose Undergraduate Women to Computer Science Research. The workshop was held during April 5 - April 7, sponsored by Google, etc. We guided a few female students (from local universities and colleges in Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin) on conducting research on flash memory security.
March 2019: A Research Assistant Professor from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Shijie Jia, visited SnP lab. Welcome, Dr. Jia!
March 2019: Our research work MimosaFTL was presented in The 9th ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY '19). MimoFTL explores the special nature of flash memeory to enable data recovery from ransomware attacks.
August 2018: Niusen joined Michigan Technological University CS department as a PhD student. Niusen received his MS from University of Florida, and his BS from Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai. Niusen will work on flash memory security. Welcome, Niusen!
June 2018: Dr. Chen gave talks about flash memory security in a few prestigious International Universities including Tsinghua University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan University.
March 2018: Our research published in ACSAC '17 was featured in MTU Unscripted: Science and Engineering Research.
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